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Your Wounds Will Not Be Named Silence


The moment you walked
into my life, ignited
a part of my consciousness
I did not know existed.

I kept drowning,
sank beneath your wisdom
like a stone.

In your deepest and
furtherest inner land,
I see wounds that never heal;
fears that were never shown;
I see wild fire burning,
fire that ignited
your insatiable passion.

I hear stories in your deep voice,
stories that have never been told,
and will be named silence.

I kissed your chest and your scars,
I stared at you deeply,
only wanting to reach your depth,
touch the darknesses,
and tell you — they are
the most beautiful artworks
that I’ve ever seen.

Don’t hold it back,
let yourself be
vulnerably seen
and loved.

If you ever let me,
If you ever let me.


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